Friday, April 15, 2005

oh, harold

Pictures were promised, and here pictures are. First, we have the concept art for the sweater I'm currently working on, a bottoms-up raglan of my own design named Harold.

As you can see, my Photoshop skillz are mad indeed. I totally need one of those tablet thingies that my friends who draw fanart use, because those things are *amazing.*

Anyway. Next, you can see progress thus far on the back and sides, which I'm knitting in one piece because seaming blows.

I stopped short of the length it'll ultimately be, because the yarn was frogged from Harold mk. 1 and I need to be careful not to run out at an inopportune moment. So I'm knitting the sleeves now, and then I can figure out how much I'll have left for the back and yoke.

So that's Harold. The color's off in the pictures-- it's too blue in the actual photos, and too purple in the concept art. The actual color is somewhere between the two, much closer to the crayon from which Harold takes its name. I should probably be done in another week or so, and then will have the excitement off the button vs. zipper dilemma.


Anonymous Shannon Ann said...

Holli, that sweater is going to be great! Let me know if you need a test knitter for the pattern (I hope you are making a pattern).

11:11 AM  
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